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Staff Information
John Strickland
Director of Transportation

Bennie Jones
Transportation Supervisor

Kelvin Harris
  • From the Transportation Director
    As Transportation Director for our system, I plan to uphold the mission of our state where we give our very best effort to provide safe, reliable, and efficient transportation for students to and from school and school-related activities; and, to promote our department as a front line support service for the instructional program by delivering students safely, on time, and in a frame of mind ready to learn.
  • Transportation at a Glance
    2016-2017 Data

    > 62 Bus Drivers
    - 22 Route Drivers
    - 5 Sub Route Drivers
    - 35 Teacher/Coach/Activity Drivers

    > 8 Bus Monitors

    > 28 Conventional Buses

    > 4 Special Needs Buses

    > 84 Routes per day

    > 1410 Bus Stops per day

    > 899 Miles Traveled per day

    > 2611 Students Transported per day
DCS Transportation Calendar