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Let us hear from you!

Check out the stakeholder engagement opportunities available to you by clicking the link here

As part of Dublin City Schools’ continued effort to create open lines of communication, our goal is to make it easier and more efficient for students, staff, families, and community members to request public information. 

The district responds to requests for public records in accordance with Georgia’s Open Government Guide. Our Director of Strategic and Crisis Communication, Ashley-Michelle Thublin, handles all requests, making sure the right person is contacted and that a response is made as promptly as possible.

If you are a member of our Irish Family or media outlet wishing to request an interview or gather additional information, please email Please allow us adequate time to review and facilitate this request, and please be aware that the public records law does not require Dublin City Schools to do research, analyze data, or create a record that does not currently exist.

July 19, 2022:  Raime Cohen, 13WMAZ 

Request: Hey Jason! Do you know if there is a bus driver shortage at DCS? 

Response: Hey ma’am! I know we have had in the past, but I’m reaching out to our transportation director to get more details
Response: I wanted to let you know that my new counterpart in communications is going to be one of only four in North America to win the top award in School PR tomorrow. Her name is Ashley-Michelle Thublin. She is fantastic and would make a phenomenal story. She’s originally from Macon and lives in Dublin now.
Raime Cohen: wow! That’s pretty cool  Maybe something to set up next week Monday?
Jason Halcombe: We could do that!
Raime Cohen: Wonderful! What time would work Monday the 25th?
Jason Halcombe: Let me check with her. Thank you!!!

July 15, 2022:  Responses to Parent Concerns Received Through Let's Talk 

Since we have the lowest student population in Laurens County,  why do we have a large number of administrative staff at our DCS campuses? 

  • The amount of administrative staff serving Dublin City Schools is not determined by the amount of students and staff of Laurens County or Trinity Christian School.  It is determined by our students, their needs and the district’s mission, vision, beliefs and goals.  Our district’s approach in leadership for schools has consistently yielded high graduation rates.  Over the past five years, Dublin City Schools has far exceeded the average for our county, region and all of Georgia.  

What is the plan for teacher retention? 

  • According to the Southern Regional Education Board (of which,  Georgia is part of the 16 states represented),  50% fewer teachers are entering the workforce compared to a decade beforehand and 76% of Human Resource Officers for these states say resignations are higher now than previously.  Additionally, during the 2021-2022 school year, 50% of teachers within the SREB said they planned to leave their jobs.  At Dublin City Schools, we are thankful this is NOT our story.   
  • However, knowing these statistics, Dublin City Schools’ Human Resources Department continues to place an emphasis on both the recruitment and retention of top talent.  
  • In addition to excellent professional development throughout the school year and a competitive salary scale with the highest local supplement in our county, all employees in the district receive Lucky Loot, which is a retention bonus given each January.  
  • Furthermore, we have academic coaches supporting our teachers at each campus.  And, this year, teachers new to the profession and new to the district will receive targeted assistance and professional learning from the district’s Teacher Induction Coach in addition to support from their academic coach.  
  • Dublin City Schools is the only district within the county to host its own job fair  Additionally, our Human Resources Department continues to attend job fairs and works directly with colleges and universities to provide current staff members with added opportunities.  Thanks to our partnership with Mercer University and Middle Georgia State University, current staff members are able to obtain master’s and specialist degrees at either low or no cost. 
  • Additionally, thanks to our articulation with Middle Georgia State University, the district is able to employ student-teachers as the official teacher-of-record, creating a seamless transition for them to become full-time DCS employees upon their college graduation. 
  • And, through Dublin High School’s CTAE Career Pathway - Teaching as a Profession,  high school students are studying to become educators.  Once they’ve completed the initial coursework, they’re eligible to participate in dual enrollment at either Middle Georgia State University or Oconee Fall Line Technical College.  This means that while they’re still in high school, students are able to earn technical certificates or college credit that goes toward their Bachelor’s degree at no-cost to our high schoolers or their families.  
  • Overtime, our intent is to hire these same students during their student-teacher phase, creating a strong teacher pipeline for our district.  Our hope is that more teachers will have sat in the same seats as students they’ll be serving. 

Are the teachers doing exit reviews, and if so, are there any plans to mitigate the issues they are challenged with to keep them? 

  • Yes, our Human Resources Department continues to carry out exit interviews.  Our HR Director shares information and common trends with Superintendent Williams.  In turn, Dr. Williams and our HR Director celebrate our success with impacted leadership team members, building level leadership or departments as well as review opportunities for growth with impacted leadership team members, building level leadership or departments.  Based on the information shared as part of exit interviews, action steps are taken. 

Are all DCS teachers certified to teach in the capacity they are recruited for and if so is this information public?
  • All teachers within the district are professionally qualified to teach their specific grade or subject area.  Depending on their route into the profession, some are seeking additional education toward their clear renewable certificate.  Families will receive further details about their child’s teacher, including their qualifications, during Open House.  

July 12, 2022 - 41NBC 

REQUEST: I was wondering what is your policy for guns in reference to teachers? 

RESPONSE:  Please elaborate.  

REQUEST: I’ve got all the information from Lauren’s county, thank you though! 
RESPONSE:  You're very welcome.  

July 11, 2022 - The Courier Herald 

REQUEST:  Do you know if there is a board meeting tonight? Didn’t get an agenda and didn’t see one on website.
RESPONSE: We do not have a board meeting scheduled for tonight because many school and district leaders are attending the Georgia Association of Educational Leaders Annual Conference.  We should be sending out a notice for a board meeting on Thursday.  

July 11, 2022 - 13WMAZ 

REQUEST:  Wanya Reese with 13WMAZ called in reference to Back to School Coverage for the 2022 school year. He requested a live remote and to cover multiple topics including teaching during the pandemic and the district's enhanced transparency efforts.

RESPONSE:  I wanted to connect everyone about the possible coverage for Back to School, specifically tied to our enhanced transparency efforts across the district.  I know that July 21st will be a conflict for, at least, Ashley-Michelle and myself, but let's talk about some other dates/times.  We'd also like to talk about the number of other story elements you'll want.  

June 23, 2022:  Responses to Parent Concerns Posted Through Let's Talk 

Please explain why school day start times are different to this parent.

  • Start times are decided upon at the school level.  Once approved by the School Governance Team, the school collaborates with the Transportation Department to ensure each student who rides a bus to school arrives safely.  

  • Because we offer total school choice, routes are not based on location.  

  • Additionally, having a universal start time for all schools would not be feasible based on the number of bus drivers we have, as many have to drive dual routes.   

 Would the district be willing to re-survey parents’ to assess the continued desire      to continue with the uniform policy? 

  • The district has no uniform policy.  Instead, the student dress code is decided at the school level; therefore, please speak with the School Governance Team regarding future suggestions.  

What are the punitive consequences for discipline referrals? Are those policies noted in  the DMS handbook? 

  • Dublin City Schools has a zero tolerance bullying policy.  The progressive discipline policy is duly noted in each school’s handbook. Here’s a link to our bullying test and flowchart.

  • All students are entitled to confidentiality per federal law.  Therefore, we cannot share specific details about another child’s discipline data to anyone other than their immediate caregiver.  However, if any student or staff member has concerns about the behavior or emotional state of any person on campus, they can make a referral to a school administrator, which is then promptly investigated to determine the appropriate course of action. 

Was the selection process for awarding the Stuckey award? If IGA is a  program and not a school, why weren’t IGA middle school students eligible to receive this  award? 

  • The Dr. Jaroy Stuckey Irish Scholar Award is an award given by Dublin Middle School administrators for its students.  Any questions regarding DMS/IGA Honors Day should be directed to their school administrator. 

  • The criteria to receive the Dr. Jaroy Stuckey Irish Scholar Award include: 

  • The student must maintain at least a 3.0 GPA (B average) throughout the year.  All class averages must be at least a B. 

  • The student must meet the College and Career Ready Lexile requirements for his/her grade level on the Reading Inventory.  
  • The student must have a good behavioral record with no discipline referrals. 
  • The student must have a good attendance record. (no more than 5 absences for  the year). Exceptions can be made for critical illnesses. 
  • The student must participate in at least one extracurricular activity.  
  • The student must participate in at least one community service project during  the school year. (not a requirement this year due to Covid)  

Is there room in our budget to not only give sign on bonuses, but also retention  bonuses? 

  • Dublin City Schools’ FY23 Teacher Salary Schedule can be found here.  As you’ll see, all staff members receive their Lucky Loot retention bonus in January.  Our staff does not receive a sign-on bonus.  However, that is not an uncommon practice for school districts across Georgia.

Did Roger Holmes in fact get a $26,000 raise? 

  • Like all public school employees, Roger Holmes’ salary is available on Open Georgia

What are the roles of the additional administrators are Dublin High? Are they also  offering instructional time? 

  • Dublin City Schools is fortunate to be able to provide the high school with four administrators.  This includes a principal for Dublin High School, a traditional assistant principal, an assistant principal/school improvement specialist (whose salary is paid for through Title I funding) as well as an administrator specifically dedicated to the 9th Grade Academy.  This has been a practice since 2017.  The roles and responsibilities of these administrators are vast, and while they support staff in carrying out their instruction, they are not the teacher of record for any students. 

Exactly what grant funded the opening of IGA? What grant funded the improvements  made to the old high school gym for IGA? Is that grant continuing to fund IGA or are the  expenses now coming from the budget of DCS?  Who paid for the playground at IGA? 

  • The Irish Gifted Academy and improvements to its campus, including the outdoor playground, were paid for through the general funds.  No grants were used to open the IGA. 

Is IGA following the admission requirements as listed in the application? Are any of the  requirements being waived for anyone and if so why? 

  • The requirements for admission into the Irish Gifted Academy are found here in the application.  Under Dr. Norfleet and Mrs. Methvin’s leadership, we are confident the required criteria for admittance have and will continue to be met. 

What is the IGA policy regarding children that need remediation during summer school? Are  they allowed to return to IGA the following year? 

  • Summer school is most typically indicative of a student’s performance on a Georgia Milestone, and this applies to any student within our system.  Promotion, retention and participation in programs, such as the gifted program, is a decision made at the building level based on set criteria.  If there are any questions about such criteria, families should contact their child’s building principal directly. 

Have teacher assignments been finalized at IGA? Are those teacher gifted certified? 

  • Like all schools within the district, the Irish Gifted Academy will be sharing teacher assignments with families during Open House (August 2, 2022). Open House times can be found here.  At that time, families will receive further details about their teacher, including their qualifications. 

How often do IGA teachers have to update their grade books? 

  • The frequency for how often teachers update grade books is determined at the school level.  However, we appreciate you bringing this concern to our attention.  We will remind staff of this during an upcoming principals meeting and invite you to speak with your child’s teacher, then the principal should this become a concern anytime throughout the school year. 

Standard 6 of the Code of Ethics from PCS does not explicitly prevent teachers from tutoring  DCS students that they do not currently instruct. Can this be done as long as it is not on  school property using any system resources? The issue at hand seemed to be the solicitation  of services, however parents, who are heavily encouraged to use the Remind App to best  communicate with teachers, are being sent email solicitations to sign up for Remind tutoring  services at $40/hr. Wouldn’t it be more beneficial to the student to by tutored by an educator in  our system? 

  • Dublin City Schools follows the Code of Ethics for Educators.  We cannot speak for other school districts and how they choose to operate.  Meanwhile, each of our schools offers no-cost tutoring/remediation through the 21st Century program or its own after school program.  If you have any questions, please contact the building leader of your child’s school. 

1,000th Game - 100 Years of Dublin Football

a month ago

Let's Have a Parade - The Dublin Way

August 19th is a key marker in Dublin City Schools history. We’re not only kicking off 100 years of Dublin High School Football but also celebrating our 1,000th game!

To honor such a noteworthy accomplishment, Dublin City Schools will be hosting its own parade that morning at 10:30 AM. The parade will begin at Dublin High School, located at 1127 Hillcrest Parkway, weave through the Irish Gifted Academy’s campus and end at the Shamrock Bowl.

And, we’d like to invite our Fighting Irish Supporters to be part of the fun! Having your own float or decked in green and gold truck not only shows your support for our student-athletes both past and present — as Dublin Touchdown Club Hall of Famers will be invited to participate — but also benefits future DCS graduates, as proceeds from the parade will go toward the Dr. Jaroy Stuckey Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Securing your spot costs only $50! Therefore, please complete this form and submit your payment by Wednesday, August 10th.

Should you have any questions, please call (478) 484-6554 or email